Serving Leeming and the surrounding areas since 2000, Prima Pizza & Pasta has established itself as one of the most highly regarded establishments of its type by providing the highest quality pizzas & pasta using the freshest ingredients available to prepare outstanding meals based on the simple & traditional recipes made famous & known to the world as part of the “Mediterranean” diet.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a product that is a cut above our competitors & at a price that remains competitive in this era of cheap & evermore popular “fast” foods. Don’t be fooled by other’s claims of being the best whilst also being the cheapest – as always, you get what you pay for!

The size of our pasta dishes & pizzas are considerably bigger than what others claim to be “large” but are in fact are barely bigger than our “small” sizes. We aim to give you value for money while providing a level of quality that can only (but unfortunately not always) be found in cafes & restaurants, but without the added costs that go along with providing in-house eating and fancy ambience, although you’re welcome to dine in with our limited seating.

Our pizzas are made in-store from start to finish (no packaged or pre-made pizzas here thank you!) using as much fresh local produce as reasonably possible to ensure the highest standard. All pastas are prepared using fresh sauces made only with peeled Italian tomatoes or fresh WA creams and our qualified cooks prepare your meals from scratch upon ordering.

We intend to continue to lead by example to ensure that you’ll want to come back again & again & that your experience with us is a positive one every time. Feedback is always welcome so please don’t hesitate to let us know if something hasn’t met your expectation. Whilst we endeavour to have & maintain the highest standards as noted above, we know that even the best establishments can have those occasions where things can go wrong, particularly in the busiest moments, so please let us know what we can do to keep you happy on those rare occasions where we get it wrong. We know that you the customer are our most important asset & we want to make sure that you continue to be just that, our most important customer!